Justice- The Bigger Picture

Have I the guts to speak out for voices unheard, oppressed, unrepresented, ignored?

Can I secede from earthly rules that burden the marginalised, the poor, and threatens them, or do I fall into line under systems of rule above us all?

Do I hear the call to work towards peace and provide for real needs?

Love calls. ‘Don’t cling to things,’ and implores me to share. Will I answer loves call or will temptation and the treadmill compete?

There’s plenty in the fertile ground of the poor, but it’s taken by greed for the seams, for the seed. Harvests galore, precious elements mined, but little is gained despite the high price. 

With blood sweat and tears some fall and they die, while nations, peoples commanded to share can claim, ‘we’re smarter, we earned it all.’ 

Much of the world follows a beast, who dresses self-centred lust up as need. As far back as the year nought, he offered the world to the King of us all. The beast would be worshipped, the true king would fall, but thank God my King resisted that call. 

The beast still beckons, seduces, enslaves with riches, honours, power and fame. “Go to war!” his followers cry. Cover my back, forget the cost. Think of all the gain!”

I could adopt this style and have it all, but didn’t he lie about this before?

Biblical Imagery:

Proverbs 13: 23, Isaiah 58:4-8, Daniel 7:23, Revelation 13:1-6, 11-15, 16-18, Matthew 4: 9, Micah 6: 8